About Us

Hartcrest Properties Ltd. is a Company which builds homes not just houses
and apartments.

We genuinely care about the needs, hopes and aspirations of our customers. Therefore, at every stage of the process from design to the final finishes, we are concerned to take actions to meet the priorities of the people who will be living in our properties.

We build for everyone – from first time buyers to senior citizens –
from starter homes and apartments to retirement flats –
for the single buyer to the investment corporation.

Our focus of operations is South London and the South East where we have been successfully delivering to our customers’ requirements for some 20 years.
Our policy is to build to local area requirements, which we have thoroughly researched, and the demand from buyers is evidence of our success in determining the appropriate developments for the area and the market place.

As part of our customer focus we believe firmly in good design and sound quality construction, so we invest in strong project management and an efficient approach at all stages of our developments.
We place positive demands on all of our people, and those of our contractors and sub-contractors, to hone their skills and maintain the highest quality work and attention to detail.

At Hartcrest we believe that the occupants of our homes should feel comfortable and enjoy the full experience of living in well designed and quality built accommodation. We have a full range of designs ranging from one bedroom single person apartments to 5/6 bedroom family houses and we are constantly refining and adding to the designs in order to maximize their attraction and the living experience that ownership of one of them will bring to the purchaser.

To improve your living experience call us today for more information
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Head Office
1a South Parade, Wallington, Surrey SM6 9AJ